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Slot Car Museum at the Marconi

Please read the rules CAREFULLY. Penalty points will be deducted for non-conforming cars!

These races were named the "Jose Rodriguez Jr. Memorial races".

These races for 1/32 slot racing cars were run on the Marconi Museum track, December 13 2000.
The Marconi Foundation for Disadvantaged Kids was the beneficiary of the donation-entry fee, which is tax-deductible.
The track is a 60', 8-lane, Riggen/Revell-based, mostly styrene with steel metal rails. Outer curves for the four outer lanes are routed Formica with magnetic braid.
Power is by eight MRC train power packs, rated at 12V, 3 amps, one per lane.

Controllers are Parma "Econo" 45 Ohms with dynamic brakes.
This alone should dictate the type of motors you should use.

1/ Classes:
-Class A: NASCAR from 1950 to 1967 included.
-Class B: Formula One/Indianapolis cars from 1935 to 1960 included.
-Class C: USRRC (United States Road Racing Championship) cars from 1959 to 1965 included.
-Class D: Le Mans 24-hours entered cars from 1970 to 1980 included.
-Class E: Challenge Class (see details below)

2/ Classes A to D rules:
-Car must be a true scale representation of original prototypes including exacting decor and detailing. Submit photographic and/or blueprint proof with your entry ONLY if car is of obscure/unknown type. Length, wheelbase and width will be checked. No low-riders allowed.
Maximum width must not exceed 2.45" at any point when front wheels are pointing straight. -Exception for Class D: Car width can exceed 2.45" up to a MAXIMUM of 2.5" IF suitable proof is submitted of the real car exceeding a total width of 80".
-Three-dimentional driver must be detailed, full driver compartment encouraged.
-Ground clearance for classes A to C: 1/8" except for guide flag, tires, gear (crown or spur) and exhaust systems if scale.
-guide flag, any part of it or of Guide or guide pin: maximum dimension for either guide or plate, not to exceed a total surface when seen from bottom, of 1 square inch. Guide or pin plate must be made of non conductive material. chassis, gear or any part of it cannot be seen when car is viewed from the top. Gear must clear 1/32" above ttrack.
-Body, motor and chassis materials and specification free.
-Wheels and tires must be of a diameter and width, conform to the original prototype.
-A suggested list of eligible cars in each class is shown in the "news" segment of this web site.
-Except for motor operation, no magnets can be used.

3/ Class D rule: as above, but ground clearance is 1/16".
and MAXIMUM WIDTH is 2.5".

4/ Class E:
-ANY body style of ANY type of racing in ANY year. Bodies must represent
a real prototype. Documentation must be submitted with entry if car is of obscure/unknown origin. NO added air control devices not in conformity with real prototype. Minimal ground clearance: 1/16".
-3-dimensional driver figure must be present and realistically detailed. Maximum overall width 2-5/8"
-ANY chassis, body material and motor, but remember the power supply/controller situation. Traction magnets may be used, BUT clearance rule remains. ANY CAR which will PULL the railing off the Riggen track because of excessive magnet pull will be disqualified.

5/ Packaging of cars

Cars must be sent, ready-to-race, in two-way containers with return self-addressed sticker, to arrive prior to December 10, 2000.
They must be shipped, insured for full value, by any means to:

Electric Dreams/Marconi Proxy Races.
3190-H Airport Loop Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA
Tel: USA (714) 540 7141

The fee being charged by the issuing Post Office must be added to the entry fee for return postage, including insurance.
A donation of USD 25.00 per entry for the first car, USD 20.00 for each additional car(s), plus return postage as described in the Official Entry form, will be made on behalf of each entrant to the Marconi Foundation. This is fully tax deductible as you are making a donation to a worthwhile charity.

Electric Dreams will supply all labor at no charge to entrants or the Museum.

6/ Point system
-25% of the total scoring points will apply to finish and detailing.

-25% of the total scoring points will apply to the engineering and quality of construction of the car.
-50% of the total scoring points will apply to qualifying and racing results in the following manner:
-20% for qualifying speed (number of entries as a maximum of points, later divided by the points percentage allowed for this category)

-80% for actual racing result.
The winner of each heat will earn 8 points. 2nd to 8th earn 7 to 1 point degressive, for a maximum possible of 64 total points. This will then be combined with the qualifying points.

The overall winner will be the car with the greater number of points.

7/ Concours judging
-A panel of five well-known slot racing and other personalities will judge detail & engineering. Lloyd Asbury, Dale King, Jim Russell, Bill Selzer and Dick Marconi will be the judges.

8/ Qualifying
-Each car in each class will be timed on a 3-lap practice and a 5-lap run, driven successively by all eight drivers on the same center lane.
The addition of the 5-lap time will provide the total qualifying time, wich will be converted to points.

9/ Racing
-Each car will run 2-minute segments, driven by the same driver on each lane. Then, car rotation will follow so that all eight finalist cars will be driven by all eight drivers. The top sixteen qualified cars in each class will run two semi-final 2-minute heats on every lane. All eight drivers will drive all the cars.
-Consolation races will be organized for the cars not qualified in the top sixteen.

10/ Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to all successful entrants for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class, for concours, engineering and race results.
A top prize will be awarded for the most outstanding performer/looker all classes combined.
Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Race Director for outstanding performance or feature.

11/ Publication
The Jose Rodriguez Memorial Races will be followed in timely manner on various web sites including the Old Weird Herald, the Slots DL, the Scale Auto Racing News and the Slot Car Bulletin sites. Detailed pictures and comments of each entry will be posted, and as much detail will be made available to participants and observers alike. No one will be forgotten.

12/ Law
All entries are submitted under the following conditions:
-Race director has the option to accept or refuse any entry solely based on his discretion and the letter of the rules.
-Electric Dreams is not responsible for any lost or damaged entry by any shipper, and limits its liability to the amount of insurance contracted for return shipping.
-Race director decisions are final.
-Entrant accept the decision of race director and will not contest legally or in any other form. The shipping of a car(s) to this event signifies full acceptance of these terms.
-The race management is not responsible for any loss of shipped items in the mail or other forms of transportation, on the way to or from the Marconi Museum.

For any information, please contact Electric Dreams at elecdreams@home.com or FAX at (714) 540 7141

The photo seen above shows slot cars built from clear plastic bodies, which are allowed under the rules. These are easy to get from various suppliers worldwide, so give it a try!

Electric Dreams
3190-H Airport Loop Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA
Tel/Fax: USA (714) 540 7141

You can check our website: click on the link below:

Electric Dreams Kool Web Site!