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Please click on each link for more information about the Jose Rodriguez Jr. Memorial Races!
These links refer to comments, rules, discussion or photos regarding our upcoming event, and a tour of the Marconi Museum and its Foundation to help children who have been neglected or abandoned by their mothers and fathers.

Thanks to the "New Morality" of the one-parent family advocated by a certain segment of our society, or man-on-children sex advocated as "OK" and "normal" by the American Pschychiatrist Organization, we are now facing a crisis of unknown proportion: a nation of politically-correct, but mentally and physically destroyed orphans, often scarred by AIDS and other terrible diseases, that their "parents" have so kindly bestowed upon them.

The destruction of the family unit is one of the greatest problems facing America and the world in the new century.
No complete family for a child, meaning a father and a mother, equals no one to tell the children right from wrong, no one to teach moral honesty.

The Marconi Foundation supports the following charities:
* American Council on Education
* American Ocean Campaigns
* Art Institute of California
* Child Help USA
* Children's Hospital of Orange County
* Corona Medical Center
* Covenant House California
* Cystic Fibrosis
* Door of Faith Foundation
* Drug Use is Life Abuse
* Hollenbeck Youth Center
* Juvenile Diabetes
* March of Dimes
* Marine Welfare and Recreation Fund
* Muscular Dystrophy
* Orange County register Charities
* Olive Crest
* Oscar De La Hoya Foundation
* Pediatric Infectious Disease of OC
* St Anne's School
* Tustin Chamber of Commerce
* Tustin Community Foundation
* Tustin Public Schools
* Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Mark Gussin's Cooper-Dodge "Hussein I" was made from a vac-formed body, destroying the erroneous statement that clear plastic bodies look like blobs. It all depends on what you do with it, and this is why they were allowed in our races.

Our best links
Electric Dreams Race Information Cool site built for us by Luiz Valdetaro, genuine nice guy of slot racing.
Old Weird Herald Slot Car Talk about the Marconi Proxy Races Paul Kassens has this great site dedicated to all forms of slot racing.
Marconi Foundation for Disadvantaged Kids The Marconi Foundation has been caring for abandoned children for over ten years, in collaboration with St Joseph Hospital in Orange. Spend some time to see all the good they do to alleviate the damage caused by the current US Government policies...
Marconi Automotive Museum for KidsVisit the Marconi Automotive Museum, the finest in Orange County, California, and the only one in United States with a Slot car Racing display supplied and maintained by Electric Dreams