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Jose Rodriguez Proxy Entries!

More photos and technical description of the entries on the various links on your left!
The Concours Judges were amazed by the excellent work performed in creating these little beauties.

This is Mark Gussin's Maserati 8CL. Wood body, brass chassis. This was also the "Best of Show" winner in the Concours d'Elegance by unanimous choice of the judges.

another view of this splendid 1937 Maserati 8CL, which gave Mark the overall win.

A gorgeous Alfa P3 for Class B! This is Mac Pinches' entry. It was a bit hampered by its light weight.

And here is a Mercedes-Benz W125 also for the very popular Class B! Wood body, wood chassis! Another Class B entry from Mac Pinches from the U.K..

Leonard Jackson's Cadillac LMP was a solid contender in Class E, but needed more downforce to compete with the ladies...

Robert Blaschke's Iso chassis. Robert's car was supposed to be a Le Mans Class entry, but Robert failed to read the elegibility rules, so the car ran in Class E. It did well nonetheless.

This Ferrari 312P was built by Mark Manion and entered by Dr. Perez-Pabon in Class E. It was hampered by its sponge tires and his very short guide blade.

Torre Anderson's car never made it due to Torre's sudden arthritis attack. We wish him well.

Michael Paschal did a superb job on this wood-bodied 1939 Maserati 4CL. The car was 3rd in "Best of Show", and ran superbly. It also wins the prize for "Most Original Entry".

Another view of the Maserati 4CL. Michael did a superb carving job on the body, and the fitted chassis was admired by the Concours judges.

Mark Manion's Lola T70 is wild! But like his Ferrari 312P, it was hampered by lack of traction and too shallow of a guide flag. No doubt that this car would have done great on a track friendly to its tires...

The front end of Mark Manion's Lola T70.

Alan Schwartz Mercedes W196 had a sidewinder direct-drive motor, and would have done great with more weight. Unfortunately, its correct tires arrived too late for the race.

The NASCAR class had this Chrysler 300 to contend with, but lack of traction and a failed pinion cost it any chances to star.

Athina's entry from Greece. This modified FLY car was one of the quickest, but was tough to drive. Improper electrical contact and brutal breakaway were characteristic of most Class E cars. Athina used a Plafit Cheetah as many other contestants. Tires did not work well on the Revell track.

Robert Blaschke's entry would have been terrific in the Le Mans Class, but was not elegible because it is a '67 car! It was run it in Class E.

Jack Brabham and Philippe de Lespinay of Electric Dreams discuss the Proxy rules at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2000.

1964 Le Mans 24-hour winner, Jean Guichet, discusses fine points of the Proxy rules with race organizer Philippe de Lespinay of Electric Dreams.

Mark Manion's Lola T70 shows serious craftsmanship! No doubt that a deeper guide and silicone tires would have made it a possible winner. But front tires and general "thingie" appearance cost it lots of Concours points...

Michael Paschal's Maserati chassis shows superb craftsmanship. The mild Plafit Rabbit motor helped its driveability, the most important factor in these races..

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